March 4, 2024

What is E-Sports?

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eSports is just a common name for video games that are played on a competitive basis. There are a lot of different genres. MOBA Multiplayer Online Arena. You have 2 teams, each player has a character and they fight as a team to destroy the enemy base. Fight against such games as streetfighter, Mortal Kombat, etc. D. Real-time strategy such as Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3. There are such shooter games as Halo, Counterstrike, ad Call of Duty.

I saw that there are tournaments in FIFA, but I don’t know much about it. Hearthstone is a card game played on the computer, there are also games for magic, but it still plays with real cards mostly. Rocket League – a game in which you play football with cars and a huge ball.

Almost any game can be played as eSport, but there are certain factors that make it more likely or impossible to play in a competitive struggle.

1. RNG Hearthstone is a card game, and luck is associated with winning. In my heart, although some people complain that it is still very popular and plays as eSport, but if you have too much chance in the game, then it’s not about skills anymore and that’s what the competition is about, so it will spoil the game for professionals at least play it and it will not become eSport.

2. Balance It’s very complicated and usually requires a lot of effort from the company that makes the game. For example, Starcraft 2 (real-time game) is constantly disappearing because players adapt to new things, and the balance is never perfect, it’s on this edge of the knife. There are 3 races with many different units, and each race has different strengths and weaknesses.

Players train so much that they will understand how to use even the slightest advantage, and if the balance is a bit off it, it can lead to 1 race dominating the eight tournaments until the next patch appears, there can also be longer dominance phases of a certain race. Each card supports different races depending on the layout, so this is another point to consider.

It’s a nightmare, I would not like to be responsible for the balance, but they do, and Starcraft used to be super popular now, it’s not so much. In other games, balance is also very important, but it can be easier for the developer to do it. In combat games you need to make sure that the eache character is different, but nobody is too strong or boring. The same is true for MOBA games like League of Legends, they are also constantly fixing this game.

3. Popularity Only part of the pappa who plays the game by chance will either want to play the game professionally or watch others play it, so the game needs to reach a lot of people for the stage to start growing. After some time, the popularity of eSport itself can attract new people to the game or just as an audience, but you need to start the game with popularity first, otherwise it won’t work.

4. Support from the developer. Online ladder, where players can raise their composure against better and better competition, help create events, etc. D. This should not be the case, but if the developer especially helps at the beginning, everything will be much better. For the first eSports it was a coincidence that the professional stage was developing and the tournaments were held by external organizers, the developers practically did not participate.

Today, however, the developers are specifically trying to make the games to become eSports, and they are trying to launch the stage with investments, to hold tournaments themselves or to sponsor them, at least to make their game more popular. Often, once a game is launched, they will have tournaments with players from similar games that they can give early access to, etc.

In this way, they can show the game, and hopefully other people will participate in it. This has become a rather competitive area, and the money associated with continuing competition will only be tougher at each level. So, in general, any game that is popular and you need a skill to be good is a candidate. The question is, how much fun will it be to watch? How many strains and great moments will be? It has to be fun and varied for the audience, which is the main point.

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