March 4, 2024

What is cloud gaming

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Staying “in the resource” during the pandemic and during the exit from it is not an easy, but feasible task. Especially if there is time and opportunity to do what is interesting. For those who in the absence of public events chose to play computer games, we offer the use of cloud gaming, which allows an ordinary computer to run even the most demanding games. Stay at home and immerse yourself in the virtual world, without endangering real people!

What is Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming is an online service that turns almost any PC or laptop into a powerful gaming computer. There’s nothing to upgrade, the world’s largest graphics processor manufacturer, has taken care of everything.

On its technology platform, it has placed popular yet some of the most demanding games on the market so you can run them from the cloud. The company’s computer servers located in Russia, as well as high bandwidth data channels, make it possible to play your favorite games as if you were the lucky owner of the gamer’s hardware.

NVIDIA’s cloud-based gaming service was introduced back, but for PC and Mac owners it was available two years ago in test mode. Its special feature is that game content is not played on the user’s machine, but in the cloud, on the server side. It turns out that the computer in this case only transmits information about the user’s actions and plays the picture on the screen.

Why games in the cloud – it’s cool.

  • You can play on any device, even an old laptop and PC, which under other conditions will not be able to start your favorite game because of poor processor, RAM and graphics card characteristics.
  • You’ll have access to RTX tracing technology that delivers sharp, smooth edges for your games.
  • Play immediately without preparation – all necessary patches and updates are downloaded by default and without your involvement.
  • You save hard drive space, which is crucial for today’s heavyweight games that “eat” gigabytes of memory.

What to play?

Cloud Gaming service includes hundreds of popular games, and their number is constantly growing. Here are just a few names that you probably know.

World of Tanks – needs no further introduction. This is “tanks”, the most famous arcade tank simulator in the world, moved to the context of World War II.

Quake 2 RTX – was the first game in the world, where the developers have implemented the technique of tracing tracks in real time (the same technology RTX).

Dota 2 – the most popular MOBA in Russia. A compendium with a bunch of events, guilds and very beautiful arches was released – it’s time to start playing.

Witch – multiplatform computer game in the action/RPG genre, which received a cool adaptation in the series. Move, Fleece, minted coin itself in his pocket is not.

Tekken7 – one of the best fighting games, which for many years pleases fans, it seems that you can always be a member of the confrontation of the Misim clan and cool combinations in King.

How to connect

All subscribers of the “Game” tariff, which includes the Internet at 890 Mbps, 227 TV channels for all tastes and ten additional options, interesting for experienced gamers, can take advantage of the cloud gambling. Without active gaming options, they will get access to the cloud gaming platform at a promotional price. Subscribers of other rates will get the service at the full price a month.

System Requirements

Modern games are quite demanding to the power of the computer, and an office PC or laptop will not be enough not only for a comfortable game, but also for their launch. But with cloud gambling, most of these limitations are in the past. The main thing that will be required is a stable Internet connection at speeds.

We recommend that poppy users upgrade to version 10.10, as well as buy a separate gaming mouse, because the beloved by many Apple Magic Mouse has not implemented separate left and right buttons, as well as scroll, which will be required in the game.

If you have Windows operating system installed on your computer or notebook, you will need 64-bit and not earlier than the seventh version for cloud gaming (alas, nothing will work with 32-bit OS). It is recommended to run the game at least on a system with a dual-core processor with a clock speed of 2.0 GHz or higher and 4 GB of RAM.

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